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Hi, I'm Sushee.

I help people who are feeling stuck in life unleash their entrepreneurial potential and achieve their financial goals.


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From solopreneur to entrepreneur

For many digital entrepreneurs, reality doesn’t involve stumbling out of bed, or rushing out of the house to handle the next crisis… but instead waking up excited about the week ahead. 

As a digital entrepreneur, you see every week as another opportunity to take your business to the next level and improve your quality of life. 

As your business grows, you begin to feel more and more in control of how the future will look for you. 

The life that once seemed almost impossible to achieve is now within arms reach. 

This is what a Youtube business can do for you... 

Whether your goals are to have more flexibility, fun, and money to support your family, or to pay off your debt and accomplish work that’s meaningful to you . . .

It doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be your reality. All you have to do is make one decision that will finally put the reins in your hands. Decide to do things differently. Decide to invest in yourself.


Keep scrolling to hear the stories of others who’ve had to make the same decision as you. 

Spoiler alert: They took a chance on themselves and their lives have changed.

Cams Campbell

“ I consider myself like a lottery winner, having been invited to join Sushee's founding cohort for YBBA. We had met in August Bradley's first LifeOS cohort and then Ali Abdaal's Part-TIme YouTuber Academy, so I knew that Sushee was the real deal and that we vibed in the same circles.

Then I got to see her business. I was like, wow! 😲

I don't think I know of anyone who works harder than Sushee does. She's taken what others only dream of, creating a business that allows her to earn enough passive income to roam the world.

I have a sneaky feeling that she and I were born in the same year, but where I've been going through a whole series of false starts in businesses that have never really taken off, Sushee's built something incredible, you know the way that 'other people' seem to do but never you?

When Sushee started sharing her knowledge in the cohort, I got to see first hand not only what an incredible workflow she's put together with a remote team, but also just how hard she works.

I got to watch her build her course in a matter of weeks. At first I thought I was there simply to help her build the course, to give her feedback and beta test it. And that's true, I was, but then

it dawned on me that I was sitting on the very thing that could actually turn my life around.

So I doubled down and started paying attention."

When is it your turn?

You’ve seen and heard of people making a killing online.

You notice that they’re, doing what they want to do, and when they want to do it.

You know that you’re just as capable as them. But, how come you haven’t escaped the Rat Race?

You’ve tried some online courses that were supposed to help you start a website, sell products on Amazon, and become a famous Youtuber.

Just to find out that, their “secret sauce” was simply Ragu with a different label, and that their “new and unique” approach was nothing of the sort.

The future is coming — How will it look for you?

The way I see it, you have 2 options:

Option 1

You can continue on the path that you’re on.
You ignore the success stories, the opportunity to change your life, and pass up on your chance to dramatically shorten your learning curve in building a business. You decide to risk being in the same place that you are now 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or a year down the line . . . Overall, you continue to let work control your schedule and your income potential until you can finally retire.

Option 2

You can decide it’s time to invest in yourself.
You start the business that will replace your current income, eliminate your dependence on others, and never again question how realistic it is to achieve your goals. You decide to be in control of your time and money, and live the life that you’ve always wanted to.

The choice is yours. You can decide today if the life that you’re living now is right for you, or if you need to take action and change something about it.

The good news about changing: it doesn’t require as much as you may think.

You can make more money than you ever expected to by publishing videos on YouTube without even showing your face.


"Holy crap Sushee, you’re killin it!
Great job. Make more channels!"

Matt Diggity

Founder of Diggity Marketing, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. One of the most, if not the most, successful affiliate marketers in the world.

With the work and services that I’ve provided to these companies over the years...

...I’ve developed an expertise in leadership, systems implementation, and project management that I carried over into my own Youtube business. I noticed that there was a universal foundation to the success of these businesses, and with that, I developed the CHARM Framework.

Now the main source of capital is how many “robots”, programmers, and machines you have working for you. Those are the ultimate force multipliers.
Naval Ravikant

Prianka Dillon Dosanjh

"YBBA is about so much more than just building a YouTube Business! Whilst the insight and depth that Sushee and her team provide into ways to maximise a vast platform like YouTube is valuable enough, the true value of the course was learning the sound business principles in starting and growing a digital business, which is designed to scale from day one.

I have been in business for 11 years now - taking this one course shattered any outdated notion I had

that the barriers to building a lucrative internet business were impossible for me to overcome.

In the space of this course I have built the first iteration of my first YouTube business, including recruiting and training a whole team!

More than anything this shows you the clarity and detail with which Sushee teaches.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a digital asset

that provides a pathway to a healthy monthly revenue, saying that this isn't something for the hobbyists - serious ambition and hard work will help you get the most of the opportunity YBBA is offering you.

YBBA has dusted off the cobwebs in my approach to my own businesses and I now truly feel the world is my oyster.

I cannot thank you enough!"

Charles Kerr

"Having completed a pilot programme of “How to Build a YouTube Business”, I was awestruck at the outstanding teaching quality that Sushee provided. Not only were the lessons of exceptional value and interest to myself in growing a YouTube channel, but

the personal experience and guidance that I received was amazing and really helped me in being able to build out this business venture.

It’s amazing to be able to learn so much new information (from planning, to script structures to hiring to monetization) that I didn’t know before in such a short space of time, but the lessons and weekly activities really provided that for me.

Sushee is a fantastic host and guide through the whole course and I’d highly recommend taking this course,

particularly if you’re someone looking at building a sustainable, consistent and rewarding source of income on the side."

My Promise


I am not going to insult your intelligence by giving you the typical "YouTube Guru" sales pitch with ridiculous and exaggerated claims. This course will show you how to start and operate a profitable YouTube business based on the current real world experience of a successful YouTube Business owner.

You do not need any prior business or video editing experience.

This course covers everything in detail. You will be given the specific steps you must take as you work towards building your YouTube business into an operation that will net you a six-figure income.

This course does its job


I can tell you that thus far, 100% of the students who completed the course are currently receiving affiliate sales on their new YouTube channel.

The CHARM framework and my teaching methods are proven to work.

The hardest part is waiting for the compounding effect to kick in. But the best part is that, over time, since your business will be fully automated, you will be working less and less and making more and more.

When you enroll in Youtube Business Builder Academy
You will see the CHARM Framework in Action and it will transform you into a fierce entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for a real business model that generates consistent and predictable income, now is the time to enroll in the course that will unleash the fire in you!


What's Included

When joining the course you will have INSTANT ACCESS to:

  1. The private Youtube Business Builder Community (YBBC): Chats, forums discussions, live masterclasses, and Power hours are here to support you and hold you accountable during your learning journey;
  2. Several templates and worksheets to fast-track the setup and operations of your business;
  3. And, most importantly, this is a self-paced program. You will be able to learn and go through the core material at a pace that makes sense for you. You'll have access to 9 modules totaling 50+ pre-recorded high-quality videos... develop the following skills and results:

Module 1

Understanding of the business of anonymous/faceless channels. 
Completion of your market research and niche selection.

Module 2

Understanding the anatomy of a high-retention video script by mastering the 7 Cs of an effective structure.
Creation of your structure and content brief.

Module 3

Becoming aware of all the tools available to writers.
Creating your first script.

Module 4

You will learn video editing and voice-over creation. You will create your first video and be well-equipped to hire talented editors and communicate with them.

Module 5

You will have your own Content Conveyor Belt up and running with 30+ videos in the making. You will become the Director of Operations of your high-output video production business.

Module 6

Follow Sushee step by step to create your YouTube Channel and all your affiliate accounts the right way.

Module 7

You'll set up Sushee's hiring funnel and become a Hiring Manager. You'll post your first job, hire applicants, negotiate salary, and onboard them (Hiring a team member is not mandatory 😉). 

Module 8

You'll understand the YouTube Algorithm, and learn what makes a title and thumbnail to get more views than your competition. The search algorithm, ctr, avd, watchtime, will all make sense to you.

Module 9

Learn how to use Sushee's KPIs, dashboards, and standard operating procedures to hire & manage your team, control your costs and increase the profits like a leader and boss!

What gets me up in the morning

Cams Campbell

“ It's now a few weeks later and my business is up and running. With Sushee's guidance and the support and encouragement of the other founding cohort members, I built a new channel, got my Content Conveyor Belt up and running and hired a full-time virtual assistant.

I have KPIs; I have a Notion database that shows me exactly at what stage every video is at, as well as a huge list of future videos. I know about budgeting, tracking, writing SOPs, training staff, analytics, thumbnails, editing, EVERYTHING that you need to build a successful business.

Sushee goes through her whole process, sharing her knowledge with candour and grace. For me the biggest eye-opener was watching Sushee's hiring process.

She turned something that seemed unreachable for me into something that's actually quite simple.

It all comes down to processes and systems, just like the whole business does - lots of little systems forming parts of bigger systems until it all becomes A Business. It's a perfect implementation of what I learned from August Bradley's LifeOS cohort and then from reading the E-Myth Revisited.

And the best part? The smile on Sushee's face as she shares this knowledge. She thrives on this. It's like a big fat WHY for her and it comes through in every Zoom call.

She's like a big excited kid who's just learned a big secret and wants to tell the world. Sushee's an abundance gal, not a scarcity gal. It's so refreshing to be in her company.

That said, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a full masterclass in what you can achieve with some hard work, some dedication and a growth mindset. And it all comes with Sushee's infectious smile and laid-back style.

I feel confident that if I keep going with what I've learned, a living wage is guaranteed for me and my family within a year.

I am so grateful that I was able to participate in the founding cohort and be able to contribute in a small way to

a course that has already changed not only my life, but also the life of my virtual assistant and the team members that my fellow cohort members have hired.

No longer need I fear my creative self getting in the way of making content, not on this channel! This is a machine, a conveyor belt, a system, a BUSINESS. And it can work for you, too!”


This course is different.

Instead of the hype that most other passive income courses feed you, Youtube Business Builder Academy gets directly to the point and answers the following question:

"How can I start and build an automated YouTube business that will give me steady income for the long term?"

The information in this course comes from an actual Youtube Entrepreneur who manages a successful YouTube business that is stable, reliable, and flexible.

This course is a rarity.

Sushee reveals the behind-the-scenes of her successful Youtube channel.

The level of transparency you will get from Sushee is unheard of. She is truly rooting for your success and she will show you exactly how she "cracked the code" of the Youtube Affiliate business.

None of the other Youtube Affiliate courses out there do that!

This course is transformative.

85% of what you will learn in this course is transferable to any type of business you will want to create in the future

Market research, competitive analysis, hiring and managing a team, budgeting and reporting, setting up funnels... those are highly sought-after skills.

This course is unparalleled.

This is not a hands-off, do-it-yourself kind of entrepreneurial journey!

On top of the informative and over-the-shoulder videos that guide you step-by-step on how to set up your business, you will have access to YBBC (Youtube Business Builder Community). YBBC is where numerous live interactive events are organized: office hours, masterclasses, challenges, and more. You will be able to ask your questions, meet your peers, and find accountability buddies. You will receive detailed feedback on your assignments so that your path to success is clear.

Youtube Business Builder Academy cuts through all the nonsense and noise. YBBA gets directly to the point and teaches you the real-world information that YOU need to succeed in YouTube.

Premium Package


12-month access

  • Self-paced recorded core training (50+ videos)
  • Access to YBBC, the Private membership community (for support, networking & accountability)

  • Ongoing live training & Masterclasses
  • Ongoing Live Office Hours with Q&A sessions

  • Backstage access to Sushee's $800,000 fully Automated Youtube Channel Business (1M monthly views, $20K monthly profits)
  • Pre-built Content Conveyor Belt (CCB) Notion Template
  • Video assets and template to edit your videos
  • Templates for market research, scripting, content brief, hiring and writing procedures (SOP)
  • Sushee's curated and updated list of profitable niches
  • YBBA team's feedback on your labwork assignments

  • Sushee's recorded 1-hour video coaching call with the YouTube analytics experts of vidIQ (value $597)



Partner Package


Lifetime access + coaching

  • Includes everything in the Premium package 


  • Lifetime access to the Full Program, future upgrades, and Community
  • Sneak peek of the course material under development (what Sushee is currently testing, researching, or recording) 

+ Coaching with Sushee
Which includes: 

  • Sushee's personal feedback on all your Labwork assignments 
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching calls with Sushee
  • Four Partner-only group coaching calls hosted by Sushee





Limited seats



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From solopreneur to entrepreneur